LadiesThatPlan Networking

Our Ladies That Lunch networking lunches happen on the last Friday of the month and are usually held in Norwich (see each of the individual events for the location). There are many different approaches for networking and ours is one that is more relaxed than many you will find. You may realise by now that I follow the philosophy that business doesn’t have to be boring and our lunches are no different. You’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, good food, great opportunities to promote your business, oodles of support and (of course) lots of laughs.

I believe that business is all about relationships and so nurturing relationships with fellow members and really getting to know each other is a big part of what we do. If you’re new to networking or you’re looking for something more supportive and friendly then come along and join us. Numbers are always limited so book your place early to secure it.

May 26th 2017

May Ladies That Lunch

When: Friday 26th, 12pm-2.30pm (ish)
Where: Wensum Valley Hotel, Taverham, Norwich
Cost: £20 +vat (includes lunch and refreshments)

Join us for a relaxed lunch with like-minded business women. We are firm believers that relationships are the core of a successful and happy business and so we limit the numbers on the day to 14 so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and get to know the other attendees. We start with a cuppa and introductions, then enjoy lunch before opening up to a more ‘mastermind’ style session where questions are asked brainstormed – whatever help is needed on the day. We often end with a little light goal setting for the month ahead.


June 23rd 2017

June Ladies AND GENTS That Lunch

When: Friday 23rd, 12pm-2.30pm (ish)
Where: Wensum Valley Hotel, Taverham, Norwich
Cost: £20+vat (includes lunch and refreshments)

Please note that this is a MIXED event so I am opening up places to some of our Gents That Plan who would like in on the good stuff that we do in our meetings. The plan is to do one or two mixed events per year and this is the first. It will follow a similar format to our usual but may include a few more people.


June 27th 2017

June Ladies & Gents Coffee Morning

When: Friday 27th, 10am-12pm (ish)
Where: Wensum Valley Hotel, Beech Avenue, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HP
Cost: FREE to attend – just buy your own drinks/cakes.

Come along for a relaxed coffee morning. Catch up with friends old and new and enjoy a little me-time. There will no doubt be talk of planning and stationery amongst other things. This is designed to be a relaxed, friendly meet-up and both men and women are very welcome and I look forward to seeing you there..


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format for the meeting?

We have relaxed lunches and organise some other events during the year, with the focus always being on creating and nurturing relationships with each other.

We have a loose format which includes ‘pitch perfect’ where you simply introduce yourself to the group and tell us what you’re looking for over the coming month.

We then have some lunch and begin our ‘mini mastermind’ or ‘open forum’ style section; this is where people ask for help or tips or feedback on something important to them. Everyone has an opportunity to help and be helped and we have some amazing and fascinating conversations which benefit everyone in the room. All sorts of things are covered from dealing with staff or awkward customers through to how to best promote businesses, products or events and everything in between.

Some months we ask members of the group to share with us about what they do and other times we’ll have some planning for our upcoming business goals – whatever is appropriate at the time of the meeting.

We’re a very supportive lot and we appreciate the power of relationships as both an essential support during our business journey and the most effective way to generate word of mouth business.

Can men come too?

Our GentsThatPlan are welcome to attend our mixed events. It will clearly state on the event listing if it is a mixed event.

What is your refund policy?

As we strictly limit the numbers for each meeting I do not offer refunds for cancelled places unless the space can be filled. You are welcome to sell/offer your place to an appropriate friend or colleague at the same price that you paid if you are unable to attend or let me know and I will see if I have anyone that could go in your place. If I fid someone that is able to take your place I will then refund your payment after the new attendee’s booking has been confirmed with payment.

I'm not local to Norfolk, would you do one near me?

If you have a group of business women who would like to get together for a LadiesThatPlan lunch please let me know and I will see if I am able to come to your neck of the woods to host a meeting, or we can see about helping you organise your own local group.