When you want to get some sticker action in your planners for business stuff what do you use? Here’s 10  great sticker packs that you can try. We’ve split them into free and paid printable ready lists below. Enjoy!


Laptop Deco Stickers

This laptop deco design has two sizes with text on the side to help you identify your task. The first one is a pdf file and the other one is a studio3 file which is silhouette. Enjoy!

Back To Class Stickers

If you are in business, you can use these free printable stickers to your planner too. It is a PNG file and has 9 different icons in one sheet and can use to any planner.

FREE Social Media Icons Planner Stickers

These free printable stickers has 12 different types of social media icons. You can download the pdf or either silhouette studio cut file. The social media icons are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Gmail, Dropbox, Etsy, Youtube, WordPress and Paypal. Have fun!

Office Supplies Cricut Ready Planner Printable

These stickers are a great way to decorate your planner to keep track of your phone calls, emails etc..


Unicorn Social Media Functional Stickers

If you are a business owner who needs to keep over your social media, then these adorable online networking unicorn stickers are ideal for you. The sheet is around 4.5x 6.75 inches and has 28 useful stickers in 2 designs. The stickers are kiss cut, ready to use and can also fit to all types of planners. This sticker is from Hereford, United Kingdom.

Time for Work Mermaid

This sheet has 28 adorable mermaid stickers. All stickers are kiss-cut and easy peeling and can use straight into your planner. These stickers are also printed on a matte sticker paper. If you have any questions about the stickers you can contact the owner of this shop. 🙂

Work Desk Planner Stickers

This set has 30 adorable and functional kiss cut desk stickers. Ready to peel and stick in your planner. Each sticker measures .7 and they’re shipped from the US.

Unicorn Order Tracker Planner Stickers

These adorable unicorn stickers are ready to peel and set into your planner. The stickers is printed on A5 standard matte removable paper. And it’s from Belfast, United Kingdom.

Online Business Planner Stickers

These cute business planner stickers is ready to use and perfect with any sized planner. This stickers come from Canada.

Ms Unicorn Functional Stickers

Here are the cute, kiss-cut and custom shaped stickers for your planner. It’s printed on a sticker paper and easy to peel off. This item is from Philippines.

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