14 Days of Action – Mini Blast

Tuesday June 19th to Monday July 2nd 2018

What can you think of right now that you would love to improve or change that you’re procrastinating doing?
Perhaps, you’ve tried before but struggling to do it on your own? 
I’m guessing you would be happy to know that you could make that happen and enjoy doing it for just £14!
If this has piqued your interest (and seriously, who wouldn’t want in on some of that action!?) then read on…

The biggest problem I hear people talk about is huge long to do lists and not enough time to get them done. An overwhelming sense of being pinned down by responsibilities and other stresses that stop us from really being able to enjoy the journey.

We see the highlight reels of so many people and businesses and it’s easy to assume that other people have it easy and add even more pressure and self-criticism to the ever-growing list.

Not only that but when you’re in a state of mind fuelled by ‘lack’ it becomes even harder to see the best step to take, because your brain is firing off all sorts of ideas that ‘could’ make all the difference and before you know it overwhelm has increased and you don’t know where to turn.

So that means that the problem doesn’t get any better.
The to do list stays long, there’s still never enough time and the money continues to pour out of the account at a steady speed.

I know this because I have totally been there and even after 15 years I still have these moments too at times. BUT I also know that there is only one positive way out of this sort of funk – and that is to take ACTION. It works for me every time. 

If you sit still and do nothing, nothing will change. In fact, things will likely spiral downwards and that is not what you want.

Remember, energy never stops, it simply changes state and you have the power to shift your energy from a negative state to a positive one simply using the power of your mind and making a decision to do something about it.

The good news is that this is the perfect opportunity to do this and be fully supported along the way. And, yes you guessed it, there’s a pretty simple formula that really helps give you that positive kick start you’ve been waiting for and it’s easier than you think!

This is not my first rodeo! Last year I ran 3 x 4 week Blasts and we did a 14 day Mini Blast back in April too. They were awesome and I learned a lot along the way. I have also previously a 5 day Mini Blast, which was much like productivity espresso! Planning is something I love to do and I’m getting lots of practice in helping others kick start their productivity and become planning superstars through the 121 work I do and workshops I run. 

The general feedback from Blasts is that members feel:

More in control | More positive | More time aware | More prepared | More hopeful

Could you do with a bit of that in your life right now? 

#truthbomb – If you don’t join in with this Mini Blast, what will you do instead?


By the time we’re done, in 2 short weeks time, will you be feeling like you smashed the ball out of the park with your to do list and revved up, ready to continue that positive momentum forward…

Or will you be in the same situation, feeling the same way you are right now?
Because it’s all too easy to stay put and not take action.

So what have I got planned for you to get you feeling positive and ready to rock?
he 14 Days of Action Mini Blast of course!

Facebook Group

A fab Facebook, which is where most of the action will take place. A space to connect with, be motivated by and have fun with your fellow Blasters. #teamblast


Daily check-ins by email to keep you on track and held accountable


Great worksheets to print off and help you plan out the most effective use of your time

Blast It Days

2 x ‘Blast It’ days (these are AWESOME!) with hourly check-ins in the Facebook group for those of you who really want some revved up and fun accountability

You can expect:

Lots of positive vibes
Lots of motivations pushes
Lots of positive action

All for a ridiculously AMAZING price of just £14

Yep, you read that right! Just £1 per day. Incredible right!? This is my lowest cost and best value Blast!

Why so reasonable?

Because I know that often the people who need the most help have the least money to spend and I want this to be accessible for as many people as possible.

The Facebook group is open already so the sooner you join the more value you will get from this Mini Blast 🙂

Why now?

We always have stuff to do, no matter what else is going on in life and, quite simply, there is no better time than right NOW to take action.

The aim of this MiniBlast is NOT to give you more stuff on your to do list. It is designed to help you MAXIMISE your time so you can enjoy it.

The main thing I will be getting you to do is to set DAILY ACTIONS, these will be 1-3 things that you will commit to doing every day that will help you get where you want by the end of week 2.

Whether you’ve got young children or a full/part time job to work around, a busy business and a squllion things competing for your time, if we break down what you need to do and we set a specific plan in action you will be able to get the stuff done that you want to get done AND enjoy free time too.

That is the goal. Do your work, then go and relax, play with the kids, see your friends, sleep, read a book – whatever makes you happy.

When we plan our time and take action amazing things can happen.

Are you with us?

Who do you know that would like this too?

Why not share the link with them and take part in this together? The more people, the more energy, the more fun to be part of 🙂

14 Days Of Action

The Legal Stuff

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the product and it’s potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

What goal should I set?

Don’t worry too much – we can work on this together. Ultimately it will be about choosing what’s right for you or your business. We’ll be focusing less on the end goal and more on daily actions that you want to commit to. To give you some ideas you might choose something such as:

  • Turnover or profit target e.g. £250 / £500 / £1,000 / £2,000 / £5,000
  • List building target e.g. Increase my list by 100 / 500 / 1000 people
  • Sell tickets to my event e.g. 10 / 50 / 100
  • Social media target e.g. post daily for 2 weeks / 4 FB Live videos
  • Launch target e.g. map out, sell and launch a product/service

Whatever the goal, we will work out how we can measure it and know when you’ve achieved it. Then we’ll plan out a map for you to get from the starting point to the finish line in the most time and cost effective way possible.

Is this just for the girls or can gents join in too?
This is completely open to guys and gals but there will be more women in the group simply because most of my audience is women 🙂
I'm not in the UK, can I still join in?
Of course! Our time together will be spent in the Facebook group and time is only a barrier if you make it. You’ll be able to access the group at times that suit you and catch up on anything that’s been happening while you’re away from the computer.
When does it start?

This will kick off Tuesday 19th June 2018 and we will have 2 solid weeks of action. If you join before then you will get access to the Facebook group straight away where you can start to get to know your fellow Blasters and start working on your 2 week plan. The sooner you can get in there the sooner you’ll be prepared for your 2 weeks of fun and the more value you will get! 🙂

Can I get a refund?

Nope. Sorry, not sorry. This package contains oodles of value that will help you have a productive 2 weeks. BUT it’s not a magic pill. You have to do the work. I try hard to make it very clear what you’re buying and am available for you to speak to before you commit. Once you click that buy button you’re in and you will get access to the digital goodies that accompany the Blast. If you’re thinking about refunds before we get started then the likelihood this will not be the right thing for you. If you’re up for having an awesome couple of weeks with like-minded people then what are you waiting for – jump in and let’s make it happen! 🙂

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