Marketing Ideas
  There are lots of ways that you can spread the word and get people buying the planner via your affiliate links and earning you lots of ££s, here’s a few examples for you:

Write about them in your blog

Why not write a review of the planner – even record a video of you saying why you love it and how you use it. You can write blogs about planning, project management, goal setting and anything else that fits and enables you to add a cheeky “if you’d like to get on top of your to do lists then this planner is for you” and your link at the end of it.

Share on social media

Social media is a great way of spreading the word about the Ultimate Diary Planner. In fact it’s how I got the whole thing started. Feel free to use any of the images from this folder to promote the planner on your networks. Click here to access promotional images Some social networks that work well and links to connect with us are:

Be sure to include one of the following hashtags:

  • #ladiesthatplan
  • #ultimatediaryplanner
  • #ultimateplanner

Send out in your newsletters

Whether you send out a printed or digital newsletter, including a small write-up and a web link to the planner page is a great way of getting people to take action. Be sure to include a photo if you can and tell them how much you love it and why they should act now and buy one.

Logging In And Finding Your Affiliate Links

Logging In

In your affiliate welcome email you will see a link to your login page along with your username and password. The login page may look like this: Infusionsoft-login Click the Referral Partner Sign-in link to access your reseller account, which should look something like this: Infusionsoft welcome page Once you’re here click the Link Generator link to open the page where your affiliate links are listed, which looks like this: Infusionsoft Tracking Links You need to use the links on the right that start with https://kd226.isrefer…. Remember that you can use them as is or you can set up a link shortener if that’s what you prefer. It’s super simple to get a nice short link to use for your web address. You can use any of the following sites (or just google ‘shrink link’ and you’ll find even more!): Tiny URL A simple, free tool to create your own shrunk links. Simply paste your web URL into the box and click to shrink. Note that you can also personalise your short link too if you want to make it easier to remember – handy for links you want to use more than once. Bitly This one you can just shrink your link using the top right box or you can register and then save your shortened links and organise them so you can find them later. It also lets you count your clicks and share across platforms too. A handy little tool! Google URL Shortener Again, another freebie link shortener. This one is powered by Google and has a preview when you pop your link in the box and will track clicks. Nice and simple. So, whether you want to just shrink one link to fit in a post easier or you want to have a catalogue of shortened links you’ll find the above websites helpful.

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Term and termination

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Social Media Post Ideas

Try to include one of the following hashtags:

  • #ladiesthatplan
  • #ultimateplanner

Here’s some ideas for Twitter posts:

Remember to swap the web link I’ve used for your affiliate link!

Loving the tweets I’m reading about the Ultimate Diary Planner from @DiaryPlanner www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Ooooo!! Gorgeous planner – I LOVE it!  Look: www.ultimatediaryplanner.com #ultimateplanner

Wow, have you seen this diary planner? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com Stationery heaven #ultimateplanner

I think I might have just found the best diary in the world, EVER! Check it out: www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Lots of space, lots of ideas, lovely quotes, everything you need for planning your year in one book www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

I love this diary planner and I know you’ll love it too – take a look now at www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

At last! A diary planner that really works. Have you got one? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Oh. My. Goodness. My prayers have been answered and the ultimate diary has been created! Look: www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

If you’re a stationery addict like me then you’re going to LOVE this: www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Diary, notebook, goal setting and more all in one book. Stationery heaven! www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Have you received your pink shiny envelope yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

This might just be my favourite product of the year. #ultimateplanner www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

Tra la la… I’m in diary heaven! Get yours at www.ultimatediaryplanner.com #ultimateplanner

And some longer shares for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ (etc)

“Ultimate is the correct word for this planner. It literally contains my entire life and has enriched it in every way that a diary can.” That’s what Vikki thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner – have you got yours yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

“I am absolutely in love with this planner. It combines so many fab elements, is beautiful to look at, and is really helping me get a handle on planning out my day.”  That’s what Lilyana thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner. Find out more and order your own copy at www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

“Gorgeous product and amazing service. I confess … I bought 2 other planners this year … couldn’t get on with either of them … then bought this one, & now it doesn’t leave me … always open on my desk. It has everything. You won’t be disappointed.” That’s what Sara thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner – have you got yours yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

“This planner is amazing, I would be lost without it. I organise my business and personal life with this. I love all the tips in it and the planner at the front for hour by hour I’ve found a great help, now I know when I’m meant to be using various social media for work, when assignments have to be in for university and what activities my family have got. If I ever lost this I don’t know what I would do!!” That’s what one of Amazon reviewers thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner – have you got yours yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

“I love my diary planner. It works in keeping me organised daily, weekly and monthly. And it looks lovely so I want to use it. I previously used an A4 day to a page diary which was far too bulky, this lets me do my planning and lists for the day and can be carried in my bag so I can take it with me.” That’s what Christina thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner – have you got yours yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

“I love it. Its all you could want in a planner, lots of space, lots of ideas, lovely quotes, everything you need in one book. I have already started using it within my business and find it invaluable, very inspirational as well. I would recommend it to anyone in business.” That’s what Diane thinks about the Ultimate Diary Planner – have you got yours yet? www.ultimatediaryplanner.com

You can find lots more reviews on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ultimatediaryplanner

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