Are you over complicating things?

It’s worth noting here that I’m a whizz at doing this, so you’re not alone by any stretch. BUT it is something I’ve been actively working on, over the last couple of years particularly.

When it comes to being able to think through complicated sales funnels and automation sequences, having the ability to be able to deal with complex ideas is great. However, when it comes to most stuff, simpler is always better.

I remember once having a chat to Carly Hope about a whizzy new sales funnel I’d concocted, which involved follow up sequences, emails, direct mail and all sorts. The very idea of all the intricate sequences actually excited me (what can I say, I’m a geek with that stuff! LOL), but, after I had waxed lyrical about it, she simply came back with one question…

Why don’t you just call them and have a conversation?

Ha! Straight to the point.

The funny thing was that when she said that I felt that icky feeling in my stomach and knew that the automation was a fantastic distraction technique and avoidance of doing what I didn’t want to do, which was jump on a call with people.

You might not think it, but I’m not a big fan of speaking on the phone. I happily avoid it wherever I can, much preferring email, which I can deal with when I want.

Weirdly I’ve actually done LOADS of sales calls, I’m pretty good at them and I like people. I once sold 90% of the adverts I needed on a brand new town guide i was producing, completely by phone. So I know that works… I do have some fantastic avoidance techniques to avoid doing them though. LOL

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you plotting some complicated plan when you could simplify it?
  • Instead of a whizzy sales page, why not just make a call and send a payment link?
  • Instead of a big funnel, why not just send a message to get the ball rolling?

When you step back and look at what you’re doing at the moment – in life or business. Is there something that you’re making more complicated than it needs to be?

Look at the ‘thing’ and ask yourself; how can I make this more simple?

Then put it into action.

Have an amazing week.

Love, Sophie

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