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A series of posts with Neil Penny, of worldwide compliance company Enarpee, around the subject of GDPR.

A sneak peek inside other people’s lives and businesses to see how they plan their days and lots more.

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Q&A With Suzannah Butcher

Calmpreneur solves the problem of mind-wellness for entrepreneurs. It’s a calm space on the internet to escape all the hustle and grind.

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10 Awesome Stickers For Fitness

Are you an active fitness oriented person? Well here is a lists where you will find awesome fitness tracker stickers for someone who's planner is used towards working out. We've split them into FREE and  PAID Ready To Use. Decorative Fitness...

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10 Awesome Stickers For Family Time

These listings will help you find really fun and nice family time stickers to decorate your planner spread. Here are the free and paid printable ready stickers that will fit any planners . We've split them into "FREE" and "PAID" list below. ...

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10 Awesome Stickers For Me Time

Want to keep track on your special day for yourself and making your planner pretty with these cute "me time" stickers? Then here are 10 Awesome Stickers For "Me Time". We've devided them into "FREE"  and "PAID" ready lists below. Have fun and Enjoy!...

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10 Awesome Stickers For The Holidays

Here are the colourful and fun holiday planner stickers to help you mark the important dates in your planner. We've split them into the "FREE Stickers" and the other one is the "PAID Stickers" below. Enjoy and have fun!   Spring planner...

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10 Awesome Stickers For Business

When you want to get some sticker action in your planners for business stuff what do you use? Here's 10  great sticker packs that you can try. We've split them into free and paid printable ready lists below. Enjoy! Laptop Deco Stickers This...

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Are you over complicating things?

Are you over complicating things? It's worth noting here that I'm a whizz at doing this, so you're not alone by any stretch. BUT it is something I've been actively working on, over the last couple of years particularly. When it comes to being able to think through...

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Techniques For Effective Time Management

There are about as many different ways to manage your time as there are stars in the sky but some simple ones I find particularly useful in helping me tackle my to do list are: Pomodoro This is the practice of setting a timer for a specific period of time and getting...

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What Do You Want To Focus On?

It sounds ridiculously simple, but it’s easy to miss. When you want to get anything substantial done for you or your business, you need to start with what you want to happen. You can’t possibly know what you tasks are most important if you don’t know how each one will impact the bigger picture.

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Monkey Mind and Tattoos

That dastardly Monkey Mind can be a naughty little sausage. I’ve certainly had my fair share of ‘Monkey Moments’ in the last week, so it’s apt that this week my focus is on this topic. Just over a week ago I ventured down to see my friend Kym in Leigh-on-Sea for a...

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Q&A With Jo Dodds

I’m a consultant speaker and trainer, now specialising in productivity, wellbeing and employee engagement after many years of doing lots of other stuff!

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Planning For The Unexpected

I wasn’t going to be writing about this today but let’s just say that life has a way of sweeping you along sometimes and this feels fitting right now. It’s super easy to float through a period of time and have the usual ‘stuff’ happening but nothing too dramatic,...

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If I Don’t Mind It DOES Matter

When was the last time you stopped for a moment and just focused on taking 3 deep breaths? Nothing else. Completely stopped everything. Stopped thinking about all the stuff that's buzzing in your head. And just breathed? If you're anything like me you'll be thinking...

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Radiators or Drains?

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford said that, and how true it is. Obviously there’s some exceptions to the rule, for example; when I was at school I definitely thought I couldn’t jump over a hurdle. Of course when I actually tried...

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Q&A With Ebonie Allard

I help creative, visionary misfits who feel overwhelmed, have no time, have forgotten who they are, or feel like life is hard, to find their internal and external CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that they can become powerful conscious leaders.

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Goals & Resolutions

You’re probably looking back at 2017 and there will be goals you hit and goals you didn’t. Just because you didn’t hit a goal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make more! In fact, really there’s no better time to make a new goal than when the lessons from not achieving the first one are still fresh in your mind.

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Q&A With Amanda Slack

Some would call me a virtual assistant and although I work virtually, I’m not an assistant in the traditional sense. I am a Business Mechanic as I help put the nuts n bolts together.

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Q&A With Janey Lee Grace

I help people get their message out to a wider audience by helping them get clarity on their USP (I call it their YOU-nique brilliance and offer them the tools to gain confidence on attracting and maximising media opportunities.

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