Q&A With Jo Dodds

I’m a consultant speaker and trainer, now specialising in productivity, wellbeing and employee engagement after many years of doing lots of other stuff!

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Q&A With Ebonie Allard

I help creative, visionary misfits who feel overwhelmed, have no time, have forgotten who they are, or feel like life is hard, to find their internal and external CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that they can become powerful conscious leaders.

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Q&A With Amanda Slack

Some would call me a virtual assistant and although I work virtually, I’m not an assistant in the traditional sense. I am a Business Mechanic as I help put the nuts n bolts together.

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Q&A With Janey Lee Grace

I help people get their message out to a wider audience by helping them get clarity on their USP (I call it their YOU-nique brilliance and offer them the tools to gain confidence on attracting and maximising media opportunities.

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