Have you ever wondered why on some days we feel very inspired to do something big for our business, and a few days later even lifting a finger may feel like trying to move a mountain?

Have you ever considered that the moon could have something to do with this?

As you will see below, you can actually use the moon to guide your business and see when is the best time to focus on the external aspects (e.g. selling, launching, exhibiting, etc.) and when is the best time to focus on the internal things (e.g. product development, tidy up systems, and attend to issues).

In this post, we’re only going to be scratching the surface when it comes to astrology, it’s a fascinating subject. In particular we’ll be taking a look at the moon phases.

The gravitational pull of the moon causes the tides of the sea to rise and fall. At the full moon the tides tend to reach the highest points. Considering that our bodies are made of 60% water (with our brain and heart being 73% water), even the most cynical among us must be able to appreciate that the moon must have some sort of an impact on us.

Gardeners have been planting according to the moon dates for eons and using the moon as a guide for your business has slowly started to become common practice. Many new entrepreneurs are using the moon as the guide for optimum energy for events and business planning.

Over the course of 28 days each month the earth’s moon goes from completely invisible to full and then invisible again. During the monthly cycle, the moon is said to have 8 major phases that consist of the beginnings, adjustments, re-evaluations, and endings.

The start of each lunar cycle is called a new moon. Then the moon appears increasingly larger in the sky as days move on. This growth phase of the moon is known as waxing, as if the moon is adding wax. In this, the moon actually remains the same size but it seems to us that it is growing because the Earth changes allow more sunlight to reach the moon.

After the full moon comes the waning phase in which time the moon starts to shrink till it becomes invisible again. Then the same thing happens with the new moon. You can learn how to harness the benefits of the moon for yourself and your business.

New Moon

When the moon appears absent from the sky this is the time you start reflecting, refreshing, letting go of the past, and starting something new. This is the point when you will plant the seeds of your intentions and then nurture them until the full moon. When it comes to your business you need to take time to review your last month’s progress and come up with a plan of what to focus on next.

+ Start new ventures, mergers, collaborations, set new goals for your business to nurture it.

First Quarter Moon (Waxing Period)

This is the time when the moon appears to be growing in the sky and it is typically a highly energetic time. This is when you need to work towards realising the intentions you set during the New Moon. Start taking initial actions for those intentions by making plans, communicating with clients, taking meetings and updating your website or social media pages.

+ This is when you can feel the most energised to take action on your goal plans.

Full Moon

This is when the moon is at is most powerful strength, a powerful time to work towards fully manifesting what you planned to do. This is a great time for you to work on your marketing materials, launch party, expos, etc – anything that is all about taking your goals and doing what needs to be done to make them a reality.

Last Quarter Moon (Waning Moon)

This is where the moon starts to become smaller. It’s common to feel drained of energy and ready to rest. Now is the time to let go of the things that don’t work for you. Perfect for catching up with reconciling your accounts and fulfilling other administrative responsibilities ready for when the New Moon arrives and we do it all over again.

It’s easy to see that if we were to embrace each of the phases of the moon and incorporate it into the way we plan for and structure our business (and lives!), there is time for everything that we need to do and in a balanced way that allows time for both high energy work and space to recharge.

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