To build and nurture strong relationships within a core group of business women who share similar goals and values in life and business. Working together to lift each other up, hold each other accountable and uplevel our businesses.

The Benefits


The members become your cheerleaders, your support team and are there for you, sharing your highs and your lows, with an understanding and empathy that only other business owners can have for each other.


Sounding Board

Having multiple viewpoints, drawn from completely different life and business experiences is priceless. Often we can get stuck in our own way and a supportive sounding board is often just what you need for clarity.


Imagine a member has experience of your new adventure and can share valuable insights to save you from making mistakes or perhaps need advice and guidance from an expert in an area you’re unfamiliar.


They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Never more true than in a Mastermind, where you can gain access to the other members’ networks – including those closely guarded contacts for when it really matters.


Working so closely together over time in a business and social way, means that members develop strong bonds that often lead to life-long friendships – a hugely rewarding bonus.


It’s incredible what can happen within a Mastermind; partnerships and joint ventures being something that can easily happen when two or more members spot an opportunity and a great paring for success.


One of the cornerstones of success. When you are held accountable you get things done. When you have a team of colleagues supportively pushing you forward there are no business or life goals that you can’t achieve.


People buy people and the close bond you develop as a group is a natural stepping stone to more referral based business. It’s easy to pass leads to each other when you have friendship, understanding and trust.

What's Included?

Mastermind Days

We will meet up for a full day 4 times during our 12 months together (see FAQ below for more info on locations). During these days we will have a structure which includes planning, sharing and strategising as well as space for laughter and good food. The aim of the days are to deepen relationships and enjoy space away from life/work to be able to focus on what’s important and how we want to shape the next 12 weeks of our journey.

Monthly Group Calls

Regular contact is an essential part of a Mastermind group and we will be meeting up for online group calls once per month to share what you’re working on, what you’ve learned and what you’d like help with. We will also be running ‘hot seats’ where you will get an opportunity to share more about your business with the group.

Planning Journal

Everyone will be lusting after your A4 Mastermind Planning Journals. These printed beauties are specially designed for this group and we will be working through them together during the 12 months. With spaces for all your group planning and note taking from our calls and days together it’s your own personal record of what will be a fantastic year ahead.

Support Group

We will be hosting weekly accountability and generally conversing, sharing and getting to know each other inside the private Facebook group. We will also have a Slack group set up which can be used for more conversations, especially the more business related ones. These spaces are where the core relationships of the group are nurtured and are a safe space to share and interact.

Resource Centre

If you’re considering this group then you will already know that I can’t help but create new, useful resources as I feel like it. You’ll get access to some of the goodies I’ve already created and I’ll be adding to it over the course of our time together so you have lots of lovely tools and resources to rock the next 12 months and have fun doing it.

Ultimate Brand

Not only do you get access to a load of cool resources, you also get full access to my Ultimate Brand course (see all about it at www.ultimatebrand.co.uk). We can work through any elements of this course during our time together and I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have and to support you as you work through any of the modules that take your fancy.


What can I say… I love a surprise! So you can expect a few over the year… most likely delivered in shiny envelopes. These will be little presents from me to you that will either be designed to make you smile or be really useful for your business or your life. Who doesn’t love a surprise present ey!?

Some Of The Things We'll Be Working On Together

BIG picture planning | Vision boards | Marketing message | Ideal customer | Category of one | Pitch | Profit tracking | Visibility | Goal setting | Pricing strategy | Productivity | Boundaries | Customer service | Confidence | Identity | Automation | Funnels | Social media | Sales channels | Analytics…

We’re going to be working on what you want to grow personally and professionally. Accessing all the expertise in the room and our connected networks means that anything is possible. Working together we really can make this year the best EVER, whatever your goals are for your business and your life. It’s not all boring either – this is about positive experiences and strong relationships with each other.

Why Mastermind?

The concept of the Mastermind Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s. In his book, Think And Grow Rich he wrote about the Mastermind principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” and “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”


I have been part of Mastermind groups since 2014 and value them incredibly highly. Some of my biggest learnings and support have come from within the private setting of a group brainstorm. It never ceases to amaze and humble me, when a question is posed to the group, how many diverse comments and how much shared knowledge, expertise, resources and support is available.

It makes you realise that you do not have to do it on your own and that more minds really are better than one. Being self employed creates a wide array of emotions. There are exhilarating moments, exhausting moments and everything in between. When you have no one close to share that with who really ‘gets‘ it, it can also feel like a lonely path.

Having what will fast become a sisterhood by your side of people who genuinely have your back and want to see you succeed, celebrate your triumphs with you and support you if the going gets tough, really is priceless and very special. It is an honour for me to be able to facilitate such a group and be part of your next adventure with you all.

Is This Mastermind Right For You?

This group is PERFECT for you if you are…


This group is for established businesses. You have been trading for over 1 year and have a deep drive to increase your turnover and develop your offering. You are wanting to work with other businesses in a similar situation and support each other as you push forward with your goals.


This is only suitable if you are prepared to throw yourself into this group with gusto. You are looking for a space where you can set goals, be supported on your way to achieving them and then smash through the glass ceiling to hit new heights and successes for your business. Many groups set financial baselines but for me, proactivity is the trait I value incredibly highly. If you’re willing to do the work, great things will happen.


All three of these elements are essential, commitment means showing up. Making time to be at the full day events, scheduling in the regular group calls, being active in the group. If you are ready to step up, shine your light and give your best in 2017 then this is the perfect space for you to rock your business.

This group is NOT right for you if you are…


If you do not know where you want to be, what you want to be doing or who you want to be doing it with or even if you want to continue in your business then you likely need 121 support. This is a group for growth and development. Sure there will be goal setting, business changes, conundrum solving and more deep work during our time together but without any clear focus you would not get or give the value you want from this group.


We’re all busy. We all have commitments, responsibilities, dependents that we need to look after. We all have the same amount of time to fit everything in and when you join this Mastermind you are making a commitment. If you want to achieve great things then excuses must be replaced by responsibility. You will be expected to attend in-person events and get involved in all aspects of the Mastermind experience. If you can’t do this then this group is not the one you’re looking for.


Seems a bit strong, ey? What can I say, it’s the most direct description. If you are looking for what you can get and not even considering what you can give then this is not right for you. It’s a two way street and it’s of the upmost importance that all members are team players. In most cases giving results in way more back than you ever anticipated. We are here to support each other and selfishness just won’t do.

How Can I Be Part Of This?

There are only 8 places available for the 2017 group


Membership of this year’s Mastermind is fantastic value at £3,997

This can be paid up front or in up to 6 monthly instalments.

This includes:

4 x full day in-person Mastermind days (incl food, drinks and resources)
Your own printed Mastermind Planning Journal
Monthly online group calls (incl recordings)
Dedicated Facebook Group with weekly accountability and daily support
Online Slack Group
Digital resources
Ultimate Brand online course access
A few surprise goodies (just for fun!)

BAGS and bags of value!!

Want to be part of this amazing group?

Does this feel like just what you’ve been looking for? If so, apply now…

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Mastermind Days be held?

The full day Mastermind events will run approximately 10am-4pm and the plan is to hold them in various locations in the UK. The final location list, including confirmed venues, will be confirmed once I know where each member lives and the current plan is based on one in each place; Norfolk, London, the Midlands and one other, likely somewhere in the West Country. Venues TBC.

Will I be the only one in my profession?

Yes. The aim of the group is to bring people together who have similar values and goals but different professions/businesses. By having only one per ‘category’ of business it means any fear or jealousy are taken out of the equation. The aim for the group is to support each other and, though I’m a big believer in ‘competitors’ working together, I think it is better for the energy of the group to allow individuals their own space so they you can feel completely comfortable sharing your successes, adventures and learnings.

Can I pay In Instalments?

This can be paid up front or in up to 4 installments (Feb/March/April/May) – all monies must be paid in full before the end of May 2017. This can be paid by card or bank transfer.

Can I Get A Refund?

The whole ethos for this group is to make a commitment to each other, to be proactive and to stick it out to the end. I am committing to facilitate the group and support you for the next 12 months in the form of personal time and effort and also financial commitments for our day events, printed materials and other good stuff. By joining you are agreeing to spending the next 12 months as part of the group. I cannot and would not guarantee you any specific results. Though similar, everyone will have their own reasons for joining the group and what want to get from it, some will be more financially driven and others will be more emotionally driven. What you put in you get back and I’ve made it quite clear from the start that you will be expected to commit fully to the process so there will be no refunds.

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