Fed up of dreading the ‘what’s for dinner tonight?‘ question?

  • Want to stop getting to the end of the day and having to rustle up some random meal from whatever you have left in the cupboard?
  • Want to stop spending too much money on your food shop and having to keep nipping in to buy things for that day because you don’t have 1 of the ingredients in the cupboard?
  • Stressed out because you’re spinning many plates and thinking up healthy, interesting meals every night feels like one more thing you just don’t have the energy or inclination for?

If you answered yes to any of these then I have a fantastic solution for you: the Ultimate Meal Planner!


Meal Time Transformation For Only £17!!

Not only will you get an easy to use, step-by-step system with printable PDFs that you can use to plan out your weekly meals with ease, you’ll also get access to our supportive Facebook Group where you can get support and inspiration from other meal planners and transform the way you feel about meal times. 🙂

Be gone unorganised, foody stress and hello domestic Goddess (or God!).



Ultimate Week Meal Planner x 3 design options to suit your style

Ultimate Week Shopping List Planner


Ultimate Monthly Essentials Shopping List Planner

Ultimate Meal Index Planner


Ultimate Individual Meal Planner

How to use the planner video

How to use the planner PDF guide

Supportive Facebook Group where you can chat all things meal planning, food and more

Meal Time Transformation For Only £17!!

Not just any old Facebook group…

Want recipe inspiration? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing tasty recipes in the group regularly.

Connect and share ideas with other people who are all working on the same planning system as you and want to get more organised.

Feeling stuck and need a nudge? You’re not alone. We can be there to help and encourage you to make it happen.

Everyone in there has purchased an Ultimate Meal Planner so you’ll all have access to the same information and be able to support each other.

It’s a ‘closed’ group, which means only the members can see what is posted in there.



Bonus – recipe eBook by Kym Vincenti
Bonus – healthy 1 week complete meal plan
Bonus – complete shopping list for 1 week meal plan

Who is Kym Vincenti?

Kym is a health and lifestyle coach who doesn’t believe in counting calories, standing on scales, running, jogging or starving yourself. Kym believes in Mother Nature, eating real food, the power of yoga and you.

What are you waiting for?


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve glance at the clock and then kicked myself because it’s 5pm and, very disappointingly, the magical food fairy hasn’t been and created an amazing, nutritious dish to feed the family.

Then come footsteps outside the door and I know it’s coming… that dreaded question: ‘What’s for dinner?’ And I want to scream but instead reply with something along the lines of “Oh, I don’t know… something with mince in it!” Because I know there is some in the freezer I can use to rustle something up.

Some people are blessed with a partner who is a chef and so they never have to consider what’s for dinner and can enjoy interesting food on a daily basis, no stress involved.

The rest of us have anything from ourselves up to a small army of dependents waiting on us to make sure their stomachs are full of tasty grub of an evening. Which soon becomes a chore.

This doesn’t have to be the case!

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer and being able to order anything up to a whole month’s worth of food deliveries, timed to coincide perfectly with when you want them and a list of meals mapped out for every day.

See that domestic Goddess crown sparkle as you breeze through to the kitchen telling everyone exactly what deliciousness they have to look forward to that evening, safe in the knowledge that you already have everything you need in, ready to rock.

No more moments of stress during the day because you’re not actually sure what you are going to be able to create that evening and putting it off in your mind until you absolutely HAVE to think about it.

No more dashing out to the shop to grab an ingredient you don’t have and managing to double your planned food shopping budget (again) that week.

No need to call for yet another takeaway because there is literally nothing edible in the house.

The best bit? It’s not a pipe dream!

This is totally doable with just a little planning, done once, and re-useable forever.

Using the planning sheets in this package you’ll be able to plan out your weekly meals, create shopping lists that match them and have them all in one easy-to-access place so that you can get your daily meals under control.


Busy mums and dads who want to be feeding the children healthy, tasty meals but literally are juggling so many plates that often resort to the easiest thing possible to cook. You want to be leading by example and giving them the best nutritional base so they can do well with all the activities, growing and brain power needed to get them through school and activities afterwards.

Stressed out workers who want to have healthy, tasty lunches, delicious evening meals but struggle to fit everything in around work. You’ve got so much on your mind that food takes a back seat. You really want to eat better as you know it will help you feel more vibrant and energised but struggle to fit it all in.

Time-starved people who never seem to have enough time to get the meals happening that they want and deserve to have. Many plates spinning and where does the time go each day? You know you want to get organised but don’t know where to start or the most effective way to do it.

Young carers who are new to running a household and needing to juggle school and looking after a loved one. You are trying your hardest to be all you can be for everyone and would love one less thing to have to worry about.

Students. You’re shopping on a budget and you want to be out there enjoying all university life can offer and don’t want to be thinking about food all the time. But just because you want to be frugal doesn’t mean you want to be eating rubbish food. Planning would mean you could have the best of both worlds.

Weight loss or fitness adventurers. You want to be following a set meal plan to ensure you’re sticking to the right foods to get you where you want to be. It’s all very well having an idea of what you want to be eating and tracking AFTER you’ve indulged, but we all know that if you aren’t prepared you’re way less likely to hit goal. You know meal plans are the way forward but just haven’t got round to sorting it out yet.

Join our ultimate meal #planfam today


Is this a printed or digital product?

This is a digital product. When you buy you will be sent details of an online folder where you can access and download all the files included in the package. You will also be sent a link to the Facebook Group where you can introduce yourself and chat about all the foody, meal planning stuff to your hearts content.

Does it come with a full list of already laid out meal and shopping plans?

No. As part of the package, you will get the blank documents to print off and complete yourself. You’ll also get 1  full set of example sheets so you can see how they work. As part of the bonus offer you will also get:

  • 1 x recipe eBook (by Kym Vincenti)
  • 1 x complete week meal plan
  • 1 x complete shopping list for the above meal plan

You are welcome to chat to the other planners in the Facebook group to share ideas.

Are you giving food/nutrition advice?

No. I’m not a health coach or nutritionist. I have a keen interest in food and nutrition but this planner is not about what you should be eating health wise but instead what you will be eating when. So whatever your dietary preferences this planner will help you organise your time, your shopping budget and your meals.

Can I get a refund?

Nope. I’ve done my best to give you as much information about what you’re going to buy as I can and I know, from experience of using this planner myself over the last 4 years, that if you use it you will be able to save time, potentially save money (by shopping for only what you need) and have less stress/worry around what you’ll be eating when, because it will already be planned out. The value is there, it’s up to you to utilise it and enjoy the rewards of doing so.

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