Usually, when I ask people to write down some good stuff that’s happened recently, there is a big moment of silence before the brain kicks in and maybe they can think of one or two things… then once they get going they usually surprise themselves as a significant list begins to build.

  • Quotes that got accepted by clients
  • New clients
  • Hitting a health goal
  • Trying something new
  • Someone said something nice
  • A client gave you a glowing testimonial
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
  • You completed some training
  • A new opportunity
  • You launched something
  • You made a sale
  • Cuddles from someone you love
  • Some relaxing down time
  • Being able to do something you couldn’t
  • Finishing a book

The list goes on and on.

When you really sit down and start reflecting on the good stuff it can be quite an eye-opener. Not least because you realise that you never actually really acknowledged any of these things more than a passing happy thought at the time.

Then we look at the stuff that didn’t go so well and that again can be really interesting, largely because some of the biggest learnings that can be had are gained through something not going to plan. It might not be what you wanted but you’re going to learn something from it that will help you in the long run.

When was the last time you sat down and really looked at what has happened to you in recent weeks or months?

If you’re anything like me, you’re focusing on the future and what you want to make happen or where you want to be in 1, 3, 6 months or a few years time. You do something and that is then ticked off the list and it’s on to the next thing.

But, it’s really important that we make time to review.

Funnily enough, I’m writing this on a New Moon, which is the perfect time for new beginnings and of course what better way to plan for the new than to reflect on what is and what has been so you’re able to know what you want to manifest. In fact, my planning workshops in November this year and January next year are both booked in around new moons for this very reason 🙂 (note: if you’re interested in this remember we did a blog about it which you can read here: https://ladiesthatplan.com/how-to-have-a-better-balanced-business-using-the-moon/)

So there is no better time than now to grab 20 minutes for yourself to reflect on the last month and plan for the month ahead.

  1. What lessons have you learned that will help you make better decisions going forward?
  2. What is your new focus and how are you going to make it a reality?

Your mini challenge this week, should you wish to accept it, is to take some time to reflect and plan.

Wishing you a plantastic week ahead.

Love, Sophie

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