What type of work are you in and why did you choose that specific career path?

I help creative, visionary misfits who feel overwhelmed, have no time, have forgotten who they are, or feel like life is hard, to find their internal and external CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that they can become powerful conscious leaders.

I’m a coach, an author, a podcast host and ultimately a misfit turned maven, and my ‘why’ is really simple, the world needs people who think differently, to get us out of the mess we are in. Its no good them hiding in the shadows, we need confident, powerful misfits, so I choose to empower them, so that they’ll save the world.

Also, I’m completely unemployable and have always been self employed.

What is working best in your business right now?

My team, they’re bloody awesome and its so lovely to share the wins! I’m so proud that it is no longer just all about me, and that its a team effort.

How do you plan/schedule your day?

Every single day is different, but I have specific themes or structures to my week and I try and batch tasks together by type. So I have calls all together. Or writing in one long block. So, Monday I do my group coaching calls, check in with my team and set up my asana tasks for the week. Tue is mostly an admin day. Wednesday & Thursday are all about sales calls, coaching calls, and recording podcasts. Friday is a day for working ON my business.

How do you stay focused and motivated throughout the day?

Honestly, I’m not sure how to answer this – I’m a very driven person, I would work all day and all night if it wasn’t really unhealthy! I’ve had to learn to make myself do and enjoy things out of work. In all seriousness as a recovering workaholic, having transitioned to a place where I have stuff to look forward to outside of work keeps me focused.

How do you tackle down days?

I embrace them. Some days are just low energy. Sometimes I need to take care of myself. Some days are not for working, and when those days happen I now have the systems and structures to support me taking some time to look after myself, whether that is throwing a pity party, resting, or going out and doing something fun!

What is your No.1 business or personal goal for this year?

To get me out of the business, so that I can manage it and lead but not be in the business 100% of the time.

What is one of the most impactful books you’ve ever read: personal and business?

The way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman or the BIG Leap by Gay Henricks, because they both brought me home to myself and inspired me a great deal.

Looking back at your business so far, what one thing would you do differently?

I’d focus on improving my self belief and prioritise the inner work sooner.

What systems have you set up in your business to help it grow?

Automating appointment booking was one of the first. Then getting clear on my client journey and setting up the systems to make it easy for them to engage, learn and grow without me needing to hand hold them individually. This looks like an appropriate opt in and automated email sequences linked to it.

Besides money, what are your favourite ways to reward or compensate people?

I’m big on spending quality time with people. Time is our most valuable asset and if I’m giving you mine, then I value you.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop?

I am part of a mastermind, I work one on one with coaches too, for a specific topic and I surround myself with people who are more interesting or more experienced than myself as often as I can.

What is one of your favourite quotes?

“Everything will be okay in the end, if is not ok, its not the end” – because we only fail when we stop or give up, because divine timing means we often have no idea what plot twist this is or where we are headed, because its so true, and because it gave me hope in a dark dark time!

If you could choose 1 word for 2018, that would inspire you and remind you to stay focused on your goal(s), what would it be?

REFINE – everything this year is about decluttering and simplifying in order to grow.

What is your “happy” song?

Misfit by Hive Dive Heart.

Spill the beans, what are 3 of your favourite stationery items?

  1. I am a big fan of a papermate, flexigrip Ultra pen
  2. I love a pack of multi coloured post it notes…
  3. and a Luna Organics wallplanner

How can we find out more about and connect with you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ebonieallardofficial and https://www.facebook.com/groups/misfitentrepreneurs/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ebonieallard/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ebonieallard
Website: www.ebonieallard.com

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