Sophie Jewry: What is GDPR?

Neil Penny: GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations, and it’s a piece of EU legislation which was approved by the UK government two years ago, and it comes into effect on the 25th of May. It basically enshrines in law citizen’s rights, consumer rights, for which the EU know as the data subjects, and you have specific rights that you can now follow from the 25th of May. But it also puts on businesses specific regulations which they must follow.

Sophie Jewry: Okay, so, who does GDPR affect?

Neil Penny: It affects everybody. It affects everybody in the UK, everybody in the European Union, and, indeed, it affects any company that is trading outside of the European Union but which handles or processes EU data. Data can be anything from a mobile number, or it can be an address, or it can be a credit card number, or a combination of all those things.

Sophie Jewry: So, if you are a business, no matter how big or small, turning over a thousand pounds a year, turning over multiple millions, you are going to need to find out how GDPR affects you.

Neil Penny: Absolutely. In this case, size really doesn’t matter. It affects everybody.

Sophie Jewry: *laughs* Oh, I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at that, should I? Also, we’re going to cover some questions as well about GDPR from a personal perspective. So, even if you’re just an individual watching this, then you want to be finding out a little bit more about how GDPR affects your own data.

Neil Penny: Correct.

Sophie Jewry: Perfect.

This is 1 of a series of videos we have recorded about GDPR. To see more and discover what you need to know as a business and an individual, check out our GDPR YouTube playlist at

A little bit about Neil Penny – He has over 30 years of Systems and Telecoms experience, including 10 years in HM Forces (Army) where he specialised in secure data and radio communications. Moving into the private sector he worked for NatWest as SWIFT Communications Manager, Orange as Product Manager for the first pre-paid service ‘Just Talk’, Norweb (now Vodafone) as Head of Telebusiness (Non-Geographic and Premium Rate Services) and COLT Telecom as Head of Intelligent Network Services for UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and Scandinavia. In 2003 he joined Opera Telecom taking on the role of Director of Commercial Operations before founding Enarpee Services in 2006.

You can find out more about Enarpee and their services at www.enarpee.com – if you quote Ladies That Plan you can take advantage of a special package that Neil has put together specifically to help small business owners with GDPR compliance.

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